Welcome to the 21st Century……

My wife and I recently moved our technology into the 21st century.  For the past year our cell phones have been far less than average in regards to technology and function options.  Sometimes my phone would power down every time I placed it on a surface.  Even if I gently placed it down, it would power off immediately.  My wife’s phones keypad wouldn’t work at all.  She would have to flip the phone open and use the qwerty keypad to utilize any functionality on her phone.

So we hemmed and hawed for almost an entire year(typical) with no contract because we didn’t want to get the infamous “Data Package”.  We try do cut costs whenever possible.  We don’t even have cable for crying out loud.  Maybe I’m also cheap.  I don’t know.  Anyhow, my wife found a phone that would fit both of our needs; however, it would have the “Data Package”.  Oh well.  At this point there was no getting away from it.  This phone had an awesome price, FREE with a two year contract extension.  She ordered the phones and they are coming in two days.  We didn’t even have to pay for shipping.

I have the pleasure of being at home when the delivery gets there.  The doorbell rings, and I answer the door.  “Good afternoon sir, I have a delivery for you.”  He only had one box.  It looked large enough for two cell phones.  So I said, “Only the one box?”  He replied “Just the one today.”  “We ordered two cell phones and this box looks big enough to hold two.”  He said he would  check in his truck to see if there was another.  If there was another we would see him again.  We parted ways and that would be the only time I saw him that day.

The next day came, about midday and I heard a ring at the door.  It was the same deliveryman as the day before.  He not only remembered our conversation from the day before but he also explained to me how sometimes these shipments come out of different warehouses and show up on different days because of location of the warehouses.  Today, I came to the door my 7month old son.  The deliveryman took this opportunity to spark a conversation about my son, as he has a son at home that is less than a year old.  He made what could have been a routine delivery an exceptional customer experience for me.

I know how the global logistics works.  The deliveryman/woman have hundreds of deliveries daily.  They work 10 to 12 hours everyday.  For him to remember this one stop and what he delivered yesterday is amazing.  In addition, for him to go out of his way and have a non-related conversation with me when he probably has 6-8 more hours of work shows that he cares about his customer.


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