I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Apple Cider……

Last fall my family and I went out to a very popular cider mill for fresh apple cider and donuts.  We’ve made this trip a few times and the kids love the experience.  During this trip it just so happened to be one of the best Saturday’s (weather wise) in the history of Michigan fall Saturdays.  It was 80 degrees a little cloudy with a cool fall breeze.  The cider mill was jam packed.  Normally you can go into the mill and watch the cider and donuts being made fresh.  Today the line was out the door.  It was so packed they opened up a separate building and there was an equally long line to get cider and donuts. CRAZY BUSY!  Since both lines were long I got into the secondary line because 75% of the line was out doors and it was a beautiful day.  So about 20 minutes into the wait, I’ve made it probably 3/4ths of the way to the front.  It’s about 30 minutes before the secondary line is closing and the line is just as long as it was when I got in it.  So right about this time a young lady who is working behind the counter comes out to make an announcement.  She says, “We are just about out of gallons and half gallons of Cider.  We have 6 more gallons and about 20 more half gallons.  Once we run out here, you will have to go to the main mill to get your cider.  It doesn’t make sense to bring more down here because we would have to take it back to the mill when we close.  We have plenty of donuts”

I want some fresh cider.


Mind you, the line at the main mill was just as long.  So the people that couldn’t get their cider from the secondary line would now have to get in the line at the main mill which will now add 30 – 45 more minutes to their wait.  By this time I was in the front of the line and would be one of the lucky ones to get my cider and donuts here.  If I was in the back of the line and had already waited for 30+ minutes, I would definitely take my business elsewhere.

In this situation, the employee made it seem like she was tired and ready to go home.  So instead of her and her team taking care of the remaining people currently in line, she is forcing them to wait longer so she can work less.  This is horrible customer service.


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