Coffee run. Who’s in?………We Love It!

My  wife and I are certified coffee-house junkies.  The other day two of my children and I went out for a caramel cappuccino for myself and hot cocoa for my wife and children.  We came in and were immediately greeted with a smile and a how are you doing.  My children had gift cards so they had to order separately.  You know how kids want to feel grown-up and handle their business without your help.  I was paying for everything else.  So I ordered for my other children, my wife and myself.  The Barista scanned my frequency card.  My next drink is FREE!  Awesome!  I happily proceeded to the end of the counter where I will pick up my finished delicious caramel cappuccino.  As our drinks came up, the Barista repeated what she prepared.  Two short magic milks(hot cocoa), a grande caramel cappuccino(yummy), and a double grande magic milk?  So I asked whats the difference between the regular magic milk and the double grande magic milk?  You guessed it ESPRESSO.

You haven’t lived until you’ve had a delicious cappuccino.

So I told her, I need that grande magic milk without ESPRESSO.  If I take that home, my wife will kill me, she hates espresso.  The Barista smiled said definitely and whipped up a fresh grande magic milk.  She then thanked us for our business, bid us a great day and we were off to enjoy our drinks.

Somewhere during this transaction there was a miscommunication.  It may have been an error on my part or it may have been an error on the part of the Barista.  Either way, the Barista didn’t show any frustration and she didn’t get an attitude with me.  She took what was a potentially a customer service challenge and turned it into a customer service success story.


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