The Early Bird Gets the Star

Here is the thing. Giving exceptional customer service is all about “Attitude”. As the customer service representative you make the choice to give exceptional customer service, or you are just going through the motions. When you make the commitment to work in customer service, you must realize to excel at your job you must treat every customer with respect first and foremost.

The “Attitude”, is one of acceptance.  First you must accept that people are not out to get you.  On some occasions, customers have been treated wrong by another associate.  In other instances, there was some miscommunication between another associate and the customer.  Maybe it was a new associate that was misinformed.  Maybe the miscommunication originated from you.  It doesn’t matter how the situation occurred.  The most important point is that now is your opportunity to defuse the situation and turn the customer service challenge into a customer experience success story.  Remember, the majority of people do not wake up in the morning looking to push your buttons.  However, sometimes when you are serving customers, they will push your buttons and test your patience.  This is where the “Attitude” of acceptance comes into play.  At this point you must accept that the customer has an issue with a prior experience or their current experience.  When your attitude is correct you will be able to stay calm even in very stressful situations.  You must get the customer to explain the problem in a manner that you can understand.  After you fully understand the situation, you want to empathize with the customer and confirm there is an understanding between you and the customer.  Next, you will give the customer the option to tell you what they would like to be done differently to resolve the conflict.  At this point a great deal of customers will ask for something totally reasonable.  For these customers I will also give them a little bonus “cherry on top”.  This will ensure they are happy and will remember where to go if they have issues in the future.  On some occasions,  you will get a customer that wants you to break the bank to make them happy.  Unfortunately, in business you cannot break the bank.  With these customers you have to try to take care of them by explaining your intent and also telling them exactly how you are able to take care of them.  They may not leave with bags of free goods or a years worth of free services but they will leave with more than they originally came in with.

When you are in the customer service position you must have the “Attitude” early.  The “Attitude” says that you will own the customer service that you and anyone in your organization gives.  Therefore, you know going in that your “Attitude” must win over customers.  Sometimes, your “Attitude” will cause a customer to give you and your organization another chance to earn their business.  You must give customer service unto others as you would want to be given customer service to.  Get your “Attitude” right before you walk in the door and your customers will rate you a 5-star customer service representative.


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