I Need to Recharge, NOW!

Last weekend my wife was in Atlanta visiting with her brother and stepmother.  That means I was left at home to take care of my 5 children.  Now don’t get me wrong I love my children but this helps set the scene.  It is Friday afternoon and I am picking the last three up from school in my wife’s van.  We pull up and park the van and shut off the engine.  I am sitting with my youngest and oldest in the car.  The baby is sleeping.  I am attempting to extract the events of my oldest daughters day at school.  Keep in mind she is 15 and completing her first year in high school.  So some of you probably know, she didn’t learn anything and can’t remember what she did in school today.  Typical.  So a few minutes pass and the rest of my children make it to the van and we are ready to go.

As the kids are all buckling up, I turn the key to start the car.  Nothing!  I try again, Nothing!  So I sit there for a moment and think.  After, a minute or two pass the children are now wondering why we are not moving yet.  So I tell them the battery is dead.  My children are so dramatic.  They start going crazy saying things like “We are never gonna get home!”, “Mommy is not here to come and get us.”  Really this hurt my feelings a little.  Don’t they know, I am the one who put 24/7 roadside service on our insurance plan.  Kids are unbelievable.  So I calmly called my insurance provider to get the roadside service on the way.  They inform me that I could wait up to an hour for the service to arrive. GREAT!

Now I remember, the last time I took my wife’s van in for some work they told me I would have to replace the battery soon.  I should have listened.  Anyway, during my time waiting I called around to about four places to see how much a battery would be.  One of the places I called is the regular place I go to get all my replacement parts.  Battery in stock $99.99.  That sounds about right but I called three other stores to see if I could find it cheaper.  I ended up finding it cheaper by $5 at another store.  I thought to myself, why go to a competitor of my regular store for a $5 discount.  Now I’m sure you know people who would jump ship and go to the competitor for a $5 discount.  I do too; however, I don’t understand that.  If I have a relationship with someone and they treat me well 90% of the time, I am not going to jump ship for a 5% discount.

I made up my mind and went to my regular store.  It was on my way home anyway.  The roadside service came in 15 minutes I was impressed.  The guy that gave me a jump was very pleasant.  He got my battery charged up and we were on our way.  I pull into the parking lot of my auto parts store.  I walk in the door and am greeted with a smile.  How are you doing today?  How can I help you?  I tell him what I need, he looks it up and he is off to get it.  We go over to the register and he is ringing me up.  He asks for my member card and of course, I don’t have it.  He proceeds to find me in the system.  As he is looking me up, I mention that one of his competitors had the same battery for five bucks cheaper.  He then said I will give you that $5 dollars off today.  GREAT!  Now that he has found my card he finds that I have $20 in credit on my account.  However, without a card I cannot use the credit.  He then explains that if I get a new card I can transfer the old credit to a new card if I tell customer service I lost my card.  GREAT!

So I call customer service and get my old account transferred to a new card and was able to use the $20 credit.  How awesome is that.  The Sales Associate gave me the price match without any proof, helped me save $20 by transferring my account to a new card, and installed the battery.  This is a great example of the Sales Associate going the extra mile for a customer because he was empowered by someone in his organization to take care of the customers and do the right thing.  I will never question where I should go for my auto parts needs.


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