Today I was headed over to my closest cafe to get my regular favorite drink.  I happened to get behind a memorial processional.  People were speeding past the processional and cutting them off.  This experience took me back in time.  Let me explain.  Two years ago my wife lost both her maternal and paternal grandmother in less than a month time span.  They both lived in the same city in Mississippi.  Now when we spend time down there, I always noticed that people were very nice and always said hello.  They took the time to “smell the roses” if you will.  My wife’s maternal grandmother was very well-known in the community.  Along with that, she had 10 children.  To give her a proper memorial, the City had policeman all along the route to the memorial.  Also, they were able to secure one of the larger churches in the City.

The memorial was beautiful.  Countless people had many warm memories of Miss Nancy.  I only had the pleasure of spending time with Miss Nancy on two occasions.  This is going to sound horrible but I am going to tell you because I am more often than not, a transparent person.  Both times I spent with Miss Nancy were times when other family members had passed and we went to Mississippi for their memorial service.  Most recently, Grandma Smith had passed a month before Miss Nancy.  The time we spent was wonderful and warm.  We didn’t have a whole lot of history but she treated me like one of her own grandchildren.  I will forever feel grateful that I had the opportunity to spend time with Miss Nancy in her final days.  The main thing is that she was very happy, and never really had any regrets.

Now here is the main point of my story.  As the processional was leaving the church I was really astounded and touched at what I saw.  Traffic everywhere stopped.  Now keep in mind this was a long processional.  These people waiting were going to be waiting for a considerably long time.  One man In particular was on his daily jog.  Traffic was stopped all over the place so as a jogger he had Card Blanche.  He could have continued his jog without interruption; however, he stopped his jog, removed his hat, stood still on the side of the road with his hat in his right hand covering his heart.

I was totally blown away.  In all my years I had never seen anything like that.  I had heard of it happening but never saw it in action.  This was done out of respect of, by all accounts, a total stranger.  The people who were inconvenienced by this processional stopped and gave respect to the memorial of the deceased.  The reason is because it was the right thing to do.

Here is the really crazy thing.  I really was touched today by Miss Nancy’s memorial again today.  Where is the connection?  When I sat down to write this there was no connection.  I just wanted to blog about my experience today; however, about the third paragraph the connection emerged.  During the memorial, total strangers showed respect to someone they may have never met because it was the right thing to do.

 Every time a new customer emerges, you have the opportunity to show them respect and give them personal service.  The whole idea of making a great customer experience is to create a relationship with the customer that will last many years.  Don’t just rush through your pitch like you being made to wait is an inconvenience. Take the time to make the experience about them.   At the end of the day it is about the customer’s experience and not the rest of your day.