The Taste of Chicago……….tastes so good!(#1 in series)

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending some time in one of the best cities in the world.  CHICAGO!  My Mother, Stepfather, and Sister lived in a suburb of Chicago for years and I have spent plenty of time there.  Also my sister did her undergrad at Northwestern.  Too bad for her.  I went to Michigan State University.  Home of the mighty Spartans.  I should stay on the subject.

The Taste of Chicago gives the public a chance to sample foods made by some of the many great restaurants in the greater Chicago area.  For those of you which are unfamiliar with Chicago, one of the reasons people love the city is because of the plethora of amazing eateries that are exclusive to the city.  Now keep in mind, I love to eat.  Whenever I spend time in Chicago, I come home at least 10lbs heavier.  This trip was no different.

During my time in Chicago I had many encounters as a customer.  During my next few blogs I will cover my trip in detail.  I will focus one post on my hotel accommodations.  This one is a total surprise to me and may surprise you because I will break one of the first rules I have imposed on myself as it pertains to my blogging.  When I sat down and decided to blog about customer service, I agreed to never mention the companies I was blogging about.  Have to break that rule.

Also, I will tell you about the restaurants I had the pleasure of visiting.  And here is a shocker, the four star restaurant had the worst service and the one star had the best service.  There were also a few in between.

Loads of great stories that I braved through so you wouldn’t have to.  STAY TUNED.