Hello world!

So you’ve headed out to your local “INSERT NAME HERE” to replace your old obsolete widget with the newest technologically advanced widget.  During your visit to “INSERT NAME HERE”, you bypass three to four of their competitors.  You pull into “INSERT NAME HERE’S” parking lot and exit your car.  You walk into the main entrance.  What happens?  Are you immediately attacked by half a dozen commissioned sales people with dollar signs in their eyes?  Are you greeted with the ever so popular “Is there anything I can help you find”?  Does the clerk say “Hello, welcome to “INSERT NAME HERE”” and then resume their personal phone call?  Or, worst of all, are you not even acknowledged?

In this BLOG we will embark on a journey to identify and define exceptional customer service.  In our economy we have an abundance of outlets where we can purchase our widgets; however, the majority of consumers will shop with the outlets which have the best customer service.  The outlets that go out of their way to make the experience memorable.  Customers will frequently shop at the outlets where they feel most comfortable with the sales staff or comfortable with a specific sales associate.  That being said, exceptional customer service is no longer labeled as “going above and beyond” but is now becoming the standard at which the customer service bar is set.

Now, I invite you to check back from time to time to read my BLOG.  If you are in search of exceptional customer service, help me to identify and define this complex and sometimes elusive idea.  Feel free to comment on my entries.  I do however ask you this, if you are going to comment please keep your comments PG-rated and please by all means keep your comments objective and reasonable.  Thank You for taking the time to read and enjoy.  I look forward to hearing your view of my experiences.